Hi! I am Tricia Legg.

I am a creative maker, jewelry designer, DIYer and self-taught abstract artist. My passion to create pieces that tell a story, bring happiness, joy, peace, healing and to be able to connect with others in a truly special way. Over the years my designs have evolved. I try being mindful in creating pieces that are both unique and timeless. I hand craft each piece from high quality metals such as sterling silver, 14k gold filled, copper and bronze, as well as genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. My inspiration comes from my faith, music, nature, other artists and, well, it’s everywhere. My hope is to bless those around me and my community through my work. It’s an honor and I’m proud to have my artwork installed across the nation and jewelry shipped throughout the US and internationally since beginning of my business in 1999.